Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Fitness

Since I have started working out, my kids really enjoy trying to copy me and do the exercises with me. Most often it is C who wants to lift weights and do the moves with me but on this day, little D found it exciting to do squats and lift weights too! My mom's 3lb weights were too heavy for him to lift without falling over, so we got out the 1 pounders. Aside from banging his finger in between them once, he had a ball lifting them over his head and then putting them away where I put my weights away. He even did squats with adorable!

D doing a squat...what a cutie!

Fitness is for the whole family!

"Time to get Extreme baby!"

She is good at lifting these! She loves to do my "Shanalean" with me (Chalean Extreme)
So proud of my little man

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  1. Your kids are soooo adorable! I love these pictures! I bet they crack you up!