Monday, March 1, 2010

Prayer Request

I know that the Lord hears our prayers. He has heard me and answered me so many times - some times in the way I have wanted and sometimes in His own better way.

Today, I just want to simply ask for your prayers about a specific issue. You may be tired of hearing about B's job opportunity. If that is the case, please stop reading :-)

Some brief background first - B interviewed last May for a position within the Army in Washington D.C. He was selected for a position within the agency but needed to obtain 2 different security clearances. After months of private investigators interviewing B, previous employers, and all our friends and family members, he finally was granted both clearances late last year. In December, he was "fully approved" to receive orders.

About 2 weeks ago B got word that when they (DC) tried to request orders for him, they were told that he couldn't be given orders because he is on a "deployment hold" through this current deployment and then an additional 6 months (dwell time) through January 2011. So...basically, he can't even be given orders until after January 2011.

B and his team called around to see if they could get the hold lifted in July 2010 when he comes home from this current deployment. But they were told that he can't "lift" the hold until he is back home from his deployment and is done in-processing back to his unit. So, as of right now DC can't even issue him orders until about August (the orders would have to be for later in the Fall) and we just hope that they will still have a position for him that many months away.

Here is where your prayers are needed :-)

B's team came to the conclusion that the best option for him is for him to come home early from this current deployment so that he can get the hold lifted and get in-processed so that DC can cut him orders. Yes, COME HOME EARLY!!! So....last week B and his officer proposed their idea to the commander to have him come home early so he could pursue this DC job. Right now it is completely in the commander's hands.

Please pray that the commander will be able to see the awesomeness of this job opportunity and figure out a way to get B home. Pray that they would be able to coordinate getting him home and getting a replacement soldier sent to where he is to carry out the remaining months of this deployment. Pray that DC would be able to cut him orders and we will be able to move sooner rather than later.

Truly, this is a lot to ask of the Army. God is bigger than the Army though. I know that. Please pray for us. It is so incredibly much the desire of my heart for my husband to come home and be able to get orders for an awesome position in a wonderfully cool city. He's been gone 4 months now...I am very ready for him to come home :-)


  1. From one milspouse to another, you've got my prayers. God can move mountains; he can definitely move the Army, too!

    And I love your little fitness babies below. Too cute!

  2. Let me know if you get the DC position. We are in Columbia MD, only 30 minutes from DC. I would love to connect and see you guys again.