Monday, May 31, 2010

The Countdown

My husband has gotten an unofficial word that he will be rejoining us in 25 days - June 24, 2010. It's still not 100% set in stone (as nothing in the military is until its actually happening), but right now, its fairly likely.

So, I have begun to countdown...
25 more days of waking up to a big empty bed, 25 more days of killing bugs and taking out the trash, 25 more days of seeing only my clothes strewn about in our room, 25 more days of chatting on skype at night and seeing "unknown" pop up on my cell phone. There is only 25 more days of day dreaming about our reunion, 25 days of seeing his car sit unmoved in the driveway, 25 more days of wishing he'd walk in the door at dinnertime, 25 more days to work out and lose these last few pounds, 25 more days until I begin washing velcro ridden ACUs again, 25 more days until I will get a very-much-needed back massage, 25 days until my toothbrush gets it's partner back, and 25 more days until I feel his kiss once again.

After months and months of waiting for this countdown to begin, 25 days still seems so far off. Fortunately, I have company coming twice and C has multiple camps. Although MOPS, preschool, military childcare, and ballet have all ended for the summer, I still have the friendships I've developed. Those will carry me through the next 25 days. Almost single handedly, those women who I so heavily rely on will get me through. Daily chats with my neighbor across the street, waving at the boy on his bike up the road, the numerous phone calls and texts all day from my girlfriends just checking in, running into friends at the pool, and sitting by my fellow army wives at church...

So, 25 more days of missing him, 25 more days of wondering what his reaction to my weightloss will be, 25 more days of telling C that Daddy is coming home this summer, 25 more days until we are once again an "in person" family of four :-) Praise Jesus!!!

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