Saturday, May 22, 2010

Parties galore!

I have had a great 2 weeks despite all the stress from the previous post. My uncle's job brought him in town for several days so his lovely wife accompanied him and hung out with me.

I love company. I love anyone that I can chat with, relate to, and I especially love them if they help me with my kiddos. That is exactly what my sweet aunt did :-) She and I ran errands around town, priced stuff for my yard sale, ate pizza, went out to lunch, and visited. Yesterday, both kids were at C's school for the morning and my aunt and I had a few hours to go shopping all by ourselves! We hit up TJ Maxx and Marshalls...check out my new red dress!
Woohoo! I've never had a red dress! (Sorry for the poor picture quality...) I had to take a picture and send it to my hubby - I am ready for you to come home, babe!!

My aunt also babysat for me a couple times so I could run to consign some of the kids' clothes and then once so I could go to a Silpada Jewelry party. Have you ever been to one of these parties? The jewelry is so pretty. I think I tried on 75% of the pieces on display :-) I settled on a pair of long silver earrings. I can't wait for them to arrive on my doorstep!

Sadly my aunt and uncle had to go home yesterday afternoon. I was sad to see them leave...I am always sad when company leaves.

Fortunately I had a fun event last night to cheer me up and take my mind off the back-to-normal-loneliness. My neighbor across the street was hosting a Passion Party. (I am not linking to the website. If you don't know what a Passion Party is, it may be better that way, haha) I didn't think I was going to be able to go, but my super-duper neighbor found me a babysitter and arranged for her to come to my house just yesterday afternoon. She is one great neighbor! So, after getting both kids in bed, I put on my red dress and headed across the street to my first Passion Party!

Okay, I have always thought I am fairly friendly and open and not easily embarrassed. I think I thought that because I had never been to a Passion Party before!! I was so embarrassed at the casual mentioning of some of the products and body parts on which they are to be applied, haha. I got over it though...all in the name of fun and bonding. We got a great laugh about how much we all loved one of the flavored massage lotions. It tasted so good we all though we might get caught at home just eating it right out of the tube when we craved something sweet! It has to have less calories than chocolate, right?

It goes without saying that once I got over the fact that I was hearing words that are clearly NOT in my daily vocabulary, I had a blast! Girl time is always fun...and licking lotion off our arms just has a away of bringing a bunch of neighbors even closer :-) I sure will miss these girls!

On another note, time is still ticking away and my wonderful husband is likely to be coming home sometime in the next month! We don't have a for sure date yet, and I am not really sure if we will ever get a "set in stone" date. But as of right now, it looks like he MAY be coming home in the middle of June. It could still be the end of June so I am trying not to get my hopes too high for mid-June. On the other hand, I can't help but get excited that he may be home in less than a month!!! I haven't seen him in 7 months!! It's going to be so amazing have him back in our home and back in my arms :-) Praise God!


  1. You look I'm sure you've heard a hundred times or more. Brandon must be getting so excited to come home to you!!!

  2. You look so beautiful and fit! Your hubby is going to just melt when he sees you!

    And a Passion Party? You're brave! I'd be shocked to, but I still I think I'd enjoy myself and love bonding with the girls!