Sunday, May 30, 2010


I know a lot of you guys that read my blog love to see pictures, so in stead of writing about what has been going on around are all the pictures :-)

D in his new Army PT shirt. Its just like the grown up ones!

He throws LOTS of tantrums now...he's hitting the "terrible twos" considerably early, haha.
Wearing his fire hat from the firemen at the carseat safety checkpoint. We passed with flying colors!! :-)
My kids had never eaten a powdered doughnut (so much sugar!) but I gave in and bought a bag of them. The kids LOVED them.
C's family picnic day at the park got rained out, so we had to stay at school and play and eat our picnic there. Notice how C made sure D had some leggos too...and how he completely enjoys wearing the Hannah Montana headset microphone.
Having a picnic lunch
C and her best school friend. I know she will miss her!
Most of the girls in her preschool class with their teacher, Miss. Jelly.
Story time!
I came out into the living room after washing my hair. The kids had gotten into all my Chalean Extreme things...C took one look at my face and before I said a word, she told me, "David did it!"

C is going to miss these girls (And I will miss their moms!)...these are C's ballet girlfriends. They were at our house for a playdate all snuggled up watching a movie :-)
Preschool Commencement!
C's class singing a cute song all in Spanish
Getting her diploma
My babies are getting SO big!
Showing off all her graduation goods :-)
Eating the cake she was so excited about - she told me for about a week that after they sang, they were going to eat cake. And eat cake she did!!
C with her very first teacher. We'll miss you Miss. Jelly!

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