Friday, February 5, 2010

30 days down, 60 more to go

Today is day 30 of my Chalean Extreme program, and I am more excited about it than ever. After weighing myself and measuring myself each week, I am STILL surprised at my amazing results, haha. This prgram works so well! I'll get straight to the results - in 30 days, I have lost:

11.8 pounds!
4 inches in my waist
1.75 inches in my hips
2 inches in my abductors (right under the bum - think saddlebags)
2.5 inches in my chest
1 inch in my right arm
.75 inches in my left arm (odd that they aren't equal...but maybe there was some measuring error, haha)
2 inches in my right thigh
2 inches in my left thigh
3.5% body fat!

Total of 16 inches! Woohoo!

Clearly, I am pretty stoked about my results. I feel great, I think I look great - well...better than I did, and I am so proud of myself. I have truly enjoyed making healthy food choices. I have eaten very cleanly most days but have had the occasional cookie or chocolate dessert. I've eaten at Texas Roadhouse, Carrabbas, Moes, Jason's Deli, Tripps, Chick-fil-a, McDonalds, and Subway and make healthy choices each time.

Today I went to Kohls with D while C was in school just to try on a size smaller in jeans, haha. I am now successfully in a size 12! Before this started, I was a snug 14, so this is a great big deal to me! I didn't buy the pair I tried on (even though they fit PERFECTLY) because they were $30, but I was thrilled they fit so well. I will have to deal with loose jeans a little while longer. Maybe I can hold out until I can buy a size 10!

Anyway, tomorrow I start the second 30-day phase. I am very excited about it and I can't wait to update you with my progress! Now that I am starting this next phase on Saturday, I guess "workout Thursday's" will become "workout Saturday's" since I need a full week between each update :-) I can't wait to update you with how this new phase is going! Yay! God is so good to me and my body!

Here are 2 poor-quality pictures I took of myself so you can see what I look like at 30 days :-)


  1. Yahoo, go Randi Lynn!!!

  2. You look great Randi!!! You're doing so well!

  3. Wow just stay with it!

  4. Randi! You look amazing!!!!! You're inspiring!! :)