Monday, February 1, 2010

What is life worth?

Would you ever drive drunk?
Have you ever driven drunk?

Are you wondering why I am asking you such absurd questions when I am almost 100% sure your answer is, "NO!" What dummy would do that? (At least, thats how I would answer...of course, I don't drink though).

Have you ever sent a text while driving?
Have you ever read a text while driving?
Have you ever made a call while driving?
Have you ever answered a call while driving?

I'm pretty sure most of you would answer "yes" to most, if not all of these. I know I have done 3 out of the 4. Have you heard that these behaviors are as dangerous (and maybe even more so) as driving drunk? Texting while driving is the equivalent as having 4 alcoholic drinks/shots in your system. A driver talking on a cell phone is 4 times more likely to get in an accident than someone not talking on a cell phone. Have you heard these things before? If you have heard them, then how in the world can you still be talking/texting while driving? If you haven't heard them before, then hear me now....these things are true. Talking/texting are very dangerous behaviors that lead to thousands of deaths every year.

I heard these things last week when I watched Oprah's 15 minute video clip of her show on texting/talking while driving. Now, I am not a huge Oprah fan. I don't watch too many of her shows, but this one was on safety. If you know me, you know I am kind of a safety nut. I quarter grapes, keep my toddler rear facing, harness my booster seat-age-appropriate preschooler, tie up blind cords, and use intrusion alarms in my home, etc... I was interested in Oprah's safety show. Please take 15 minutes and watch this video. It WILL change your view. It could save your life. It will definitely make you a safer driver.

Please stop texting. Please stop chatting. To quote a woman in the video, "It's not where your hands are, it's where you head is." I am on the road with my children and I don't want you to hit us. I want you to be alive. I want me and my family to be alive.

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  1. You are absolutely right about texting, talking while driving. I've made a vow not to it anymore. Thanks for reminding all of us of how dangerous this common practice is!