Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I hate roaches. I hate killing them. Its the "crunch" that gets me. BUT, if I see a roach in my house, I will not stop until I have killed it. I will move furniture, call over a friend to help (at 11pm...), and make sure that it is DEAD before I go to bed that night. Wasps come in a close second to roaches on my "hated bug list."

2. My daughter is my best friend. Truly. I don't just say that to make her feel good about herself or to make her feel more loved. She truly is, without a shadow of a doubt, my best friend. She holds me when I need it. She says the exact right thing at the exact right moment. She gets excited when I'm excited. She anticipates how I will react to certain situations. She helps me out around the house and with her brother (as much as can be expected, haha). She lays with me and puts her little hand on my belly and feels her brother move like nobody else does. She giggles when he kicks her. She is just as excited as I am about him being born soon. Sure, we fight. But we always make up at the end of the day (or hour). She is my very best friend. I hope that never changes.

3. In high school I was the drum major in the band. For those of you not awesome enough to know what that means, I was the one who stands on the podium and "conducts" the band from the front of the football field. I did this for 2 years and I loved it. I never considered myself a nerd. I still don't.

4. Even though I attended every single high school football game and many college football games, I know next to nothing about football. I kept thinking I would eventually pick it up, but nope, it never happened. First Down, Fourth Down, Running Back, Sacked....all these words are still Greek to me!

5. I wish I was a princess. Not a real princess like in Europe, but more like a Fairy tale Princess. Basically, I wish that all my husband had to do ALL day was woo me and win my heart - every day. I hate that work, stress, money, school, and traveling get in the way of our fairytale love story. I wish he would sing to me like the "Princes" sing to their loves in the movies. I think I'd like to be Rapunzel in Tangled - when they are out on the boat watching the floating lights. That looked AMAZING to me!

6. I cry at the drop of a hat. The other day a country music song made me cry. I couldn't even relate to it. It was about a man that wanted to leave his love after trying to do so time and time again. It had nothing to do with my life, but I still cried (It was called "Tomorrow" by Chris Young in case you're interested). I cry when babies are born on A Baby Story. I cry at a specific Pampers commercial that comes on occasionally. I cry when I think of my friends who have deployed husbands. I cry when I think of the life that was lost in the car accident I saw yesterday. I cry sometimes when I just look at my children. I cry when my husband brings me flowers. I cry when I am overwhelmed. I cry when I miss my mom. Truthfully, I am crying now...

7. I struggle with my body image. I know many women struggle with this issue, but I do to. My self esteem is all wrapped up in how I feel about physical body. I felt unhappy with myself for a long time until I lost weight last year. I haven't been as happy as I was last year since I was in high school or college. Gaining weight with this pregnancy has been hard on me. I love my belly. I love feeling the baby, but I cringe when I see how the rest of me looks. I can't wait to work out again and shed this weight. I need to feel confident about the way I look again.

8. I can't believe I am about to write this...two of my favorite things to do are to sneeze and poop. Its not that I think they are "fun," its just that usually you feel kind of miserable up until its finally "time." Just such a relief to get it out - the sneeze and the poop :-) Sorry, that may be TMI! haha!

9. I call my mom about 4 times a day. The first time is usually between 7 and 7:15am. She is always up. And even if for some reason she weren't up, she'd still answer her phone. Thats just the kind of mom she is. I hope I will be that kind of mom when my kids are grown too.

10. Speaking of grown up kids, I hope my little D never grows up. I baby him way more than I should. This goes against about everything I stand for, but I can't help it. He IS my baby. I never thought I'd fall into the "mommy's boy" syndrome, but I totally have. I rock him, carry him, sing to him, snuggle with him, let him suck his thumb, and run to him every time he falls down. In return, he runs to me, clings to me, calls out to me, and drives me nuts. Its a relationship I could never have anticipated, but I really wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. You are one of the funniest people I know! Glad I'm your mom...and it's a good thing you call me about 4x a day. Don't know what I'd do if I were ever "disconnected" from my girls. And I'm thrilled that Callie is your BFF. That will never change. You and your sisters are mine! And I'm thankful you have your sisters. Friends are one thing, but they'll not replace your sisters. You have "history." The GREATEST thing in my life has been motherhood. IT is the thing I'm most proud of, and continue to be proud of. I LOVE watching my daughters as they have families of their own. I hope that I'll always have this special relationship with each one of you and with all my grandchildren!

  2. You are so funny Randi! I was pretty happy that I knew most of those things! I miss you!! Call me soon :)