Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cute kids and my haircut

One of the most exciting aspects of this pregnancy is watching how excited my children are about adding a new baby to our family. C frequently talks about "the baby" and D always likes to point out the baby's room and the baby's bed. C randomly asks me "how's the baby doing? Is he kicking?" and she will often put her hand to my belly to try and feel the movements from within.

The kids are also making me laugh with their innocence regarding pregnancy and their baby brother. Recently D and I were talking about the baby. I was holding his hand on my abdomen so he could feel the kicking. He was more interested in trying to "see" the baby though. He kept saying, "I anna (wanna) see...I anna see." He then proceeded to put his eye ball up to my belly button, haha. I guess he thought if he got close enough he could peer in.

Last night as I was reading to the kids, the baby starting moving quite a bit. Both C and D had their hands on my belly to feel. I said, "maybe if we talk to the baby, he will move for us." C quickly said, "let me talk down your throat," haha. I guess she figured it was a more direct route then just talking out in the open!

My favorite conversation that I've had with one of the children about the baby was a few nights ago. C was telling me how excited she was about the baby coming in 2 months.

She said, "Its going to be awesome when the baby comes! The most awesomest thing ever...even more awesome than Disneyland....or Chuck E Cheese!"

I was so happy because to her, THOSE things are AWESOME. If the arrival of her new baby brother ranks up there with those things, then I am the happiest mommy in the world. To me, it really is that awesome!

On a completely different note, I wanted to share with you my 32 week pick-me-up. See, by this time in pregnancy, I LOOK big. I FEEL big. The scale says I AM big. To someone who lost 40lbs last year, this is all a bit depressing. I am already waddling around and straining to bend over to pick up things from the ground. Being that it is just the beginning of March, I am still as pale as a ghost. I cringe when I look at my body when I'm in the bath tub.

While I actually do love feeling the roundness of my belly, I hate to look anywhere else. I must give credit where credit is due though. I have continued to use the Bio-Oil that I started using about 12 weeks ago, and I still have yet to develop a single stretch mark. This is really amazing to me since with both previous pregnancies, my belly looked like a complete roadmap! I am just hoping that the oil will continue to work its magic over the next 8 weeks :-)

With all that negativity out in the open, I decided that I HAD to do something to make me feel better about myself. I decided to go with my hair. I decided I was in desperate need of a cut and highlight. I have been putting off doing anything other than coloring it with a at-home box color because up here in the DC area, haircuts are EXPENSIVE. More expensive than anywhere else I have lived. But after living here for over 6 months, I realized it is what it is. I still need a hair cut. So I went to the salon/spa on-post today and got a ton of hair cut off and got some beautiful fresh highlights put in. I feel about a 100 times better. And about 100 times lighter :-) Ahhh, that is worth the money in my book! (Especially since the hair stylist gave me a 20% off coupon! Yay! Praise God for that one!)

Here is a picture of me and my new hair-do. And, I must note that I am wearing the nursing camisole I just got from Target. I am so excited about it! Its wonderful and so comfy!

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  1. You are so gorgeous! I love your new hair cut! Little D and C are so cute! I'm glad that C is interested in your belly! I remember when I was pregnant and she was so freaked out by my belly!