Friday, March 11, 2011

Deployment Mode

When my hubby was deployed, it stunk. There really isn't a nice way of putting it. It was hard. I hated it. I missed him. I was tired. I needed help. The kids missed him. I worried about him. Etc, etc...

With that out of the way, I will say that I did at some-point "adjust" to being without him for an extended amount of time. I am not going to say that I "got used to it," because I don't think any wife ever gets used to her hubby being gone for 8 months in one stretch of time. I did however kinda get in a groove with the kids, with my friends, with my church, and with my schedule.

After each of his deployments finally ended, I was THRILLED to have him back home with us. It was truly a huge relief on so many levels to have him around again.

When we moved here to the DC area, we knew that B wouldn't be deploying for at least 4 years. We knew he would be traveling frequently on shorter trips but that he wouldn't be deploying. We were both relieved about this! Big time.

Now that we're here and he has completed all his initial training, he is in full "travel" mode. And they weren't kidding! He has been on the road a lot these days. The 2-4 days trips aren't so bad, but right now he's on a 10 day trip. These 10 days have felt forever long. While my daughter understands how long 10 days is, little D has no concept of time. He asks several times a day about daddy. I just keep telling him, "just a few more days..." He just doesn't get it at all.

Its been a hard 10 days because 10 days really isn't THAT long. Its not a deployment by any stretch of the imagination, but its not a normal "overnighter" either. Its not quite long enough to get in "deployment mode" in my brain where the kids and I adjust to being alone. We just miss him and count the days until he comes home.

Unfortunately, counting the days isn't really all that helpful because as soon as B come home from this trip, he gets sent back on the road for 3 back-to-back trips. He will be gone a total of 3 weeks on that stretch of trip-hopping.

Again, I totally realize that its nothing compared to a deployment, but still, its a long time. Its a long time for him to be away and its a long time for me to not have him home. Especially when he will be gone from weeks 34-37 in this pregnancy...

Haha, I kind of have to laugh about it, since if I don't chuckle some, I may (*do*) cry about it. I am exhausted from waddling around. Bending over to pick things up off the floor is a challenge. Hiking up the stairs to our second floor has become a form of "exercise," and I can't help but to be slightly nervous that I may actually go into labor or have my water break while he's gone!

He and I talked today, and I now know that I can call his work cell phone at any time no matter where in the world he is traveling. It doesn't actually mean that he can "poof" himself back here, but at least I can reach him and notify him should our youngest decide to enter this world a few weeks early.

Please just pray for me over this next month. I'm tired. The kids miss their daddy. Pray that I can snap in and out of "deployment mode" in my brain with the kids as he heads out of town each time. Please pray for B too. He is currently in his first semester of online classes and he is definitely overwhelmed with writing papers, answering discussion questions, and keeping up with two very reading intensive classes while on the road living out of hotels.

Oh yeah, and pray that our baby stays put in my belly. And that he flips head down.

Thanks in advance to all the prayer warriors out there!


  1. I'm always praying for you. You are one strong wife and mom.

  2. Love you you can see, pregnancy flies quickly when you're so busy raising other children. N will be here very, very soon! Then, when B deploys you'll really wish he were home. And I will wish I was there!!!