Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Me and the boys

My 2-year-old may as well be called, "my shadow" because he seems pretty incapable of playing solo these days. He is glued to my side every waking minute of his day. Its not that I really MIND him loving me and wanting me to be his source of comfort, love, entertainment, and transportation, its just that, I have this huge belly in the way.

Sitting down on the floor to play is more difficult than it used to be. Or is it the getting back up off the floor? Haha!

I have had to limit how much I carry him around. Many moms would just say "make him walk...put him down!" (In fact, sometimes I try and tell myself this.)

But, they haven't felt the little scrawny legs and arms of my 28lb monkey around their torso. I love holding him. He doesn't weight THAT much and he clings to me like one of those stuffed monkey toys with the velcro-together hands and feet.

I love it.

Especially when he is fresh out the bath or shower (with me of course) and he is just in his undies. A sweet smelling, soft skinned toddler is just the best thing ever :-)

Right up there with fresh and clean newborns. Something about that innocent and perfect skin makes snuggling come naturally to mamas.

So, with that being said, he remains "my shadow..."

Anyway, as usual, D was playing within about 18 inches of me when I decided I'd take a picture of my growing belly on the computer. I am now 32 1/2 weeks and since no member of my family lives anywhere near me to see me during this pregnancy, I like to photograph my changing shape as much as possible. They love to see the pictures and I love to document this final (*insert tears*) pregnancy.

Of course...I had to have an assistant for this round of pics.

Here are a few of the "good" shots of me and my boys :-)


  1. Loved your post...esp. the pic of D sitting on your ever growing belly! I love how you love your children! They are so blessed to have you as their mommy.

  2. So cute!!! you look wonderful by the way! Has the N already dropped? In the first picture he looks lower than you've been carrying, do you know if he has turned yet too?

  3. Liz, I'm not sure if he has officially dropped, but he has DEFINITELY changed how he was laying. Last week, I couldn't eat a thing without feeling sick. I was so uncomfortable. This week, I can eat whatever I want without feeling uncomfortable. So, I do think he's sitting lower. I still feel very wide though...he may still be transverse...or maybe he actually flipped head down! I will find out on March 29th at my next appt :-)