Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ice Cream Memories

Today, the weather was amazingly perfect. It hit about 66 degrees and stayed sunny with little wind. After D woke up from his afternoon nap and B got home from work, we all headed outside to enjoy this blessing. C rode her bike and D drove his little "Power Quad"- its like a tiny motorized 4-wheeler for toddlers.

The kids thought it was awesome. D cruised up and down our walking path in the neighborhood at a snail's pace. C sped up ahead and then waited for us to catch up. I waddled around just hoping the contractions all the walking was causing wasn't actually putting me into labor. My hubby just stayed back with D to make sure he didn't run off the paved path and down into the lake.

I wished I had brought along my camera to capture C flying up ahead and D sputtering behind me on his Toy Story 4-wheeler with his tiny Cars helmet. It was all SO cute!

As if that wasn't awesome enough, the ice cream man was making rounds in the neighborhood. B had to run an errand, so he took D with him and handed me a few bucks to get an ice cream for our oldest.

She was overjoyed to choose a Dora ice cream and then tear into it on our front sidewalk. This time, I did run inside to grab my camera.

Just seeing my big girl enjoying the warmth, eating her ice cream, watching the boys across the street build a fort made me feel so blessed. She was incredibly happy. I wish every evening could be so peaceful and calm.

But alas, according to The Weather Channel, the weather will turn chilly again soon. The baby will be born and life will get a little more hectic. My husband inevitably returned home from the dry cleaners with little D in tow. All good things must come to an end.

I'm just happy I have the pictures to remember this fleeting moment.

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