Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keeping up with my hubby

I feel like I can't keep up with our housework. Not even a little bit.

Its starting to have me really worried about how things will go once this baby comes. I keep telling myself that its easier right now with him still all tucked away in my belly, but that just seems to make me feel worse.

The problem is not keeping up with the day to day tasks, its keeping up with the mounding of tasks that build slowly over time. For instance, my front coat/shoe closet is a DISASTER. Seriously, it has shoes in it that the kids outgrew last Fall. It needs an extreme overhaul, but when is this 8 months pregnant woman going to make time to spend an hour on her hands and knees sorting through shoes of 4 people that are either no longer being worn or that just plain don't fit? Then, where are the ones that don't fit going to go? Shoved in a bag in another closet somewhere? This is why I haven't even attempted this task yet.

Another monumental task would be cleaning my laundry room. If you knew where my laundry room is in my house (tucked in the corner of my kitchen), you could see why it is the "dumping ground" for everything in my house. Everything from a bin of winter clothes, coats that don't fit in the hall closet, the dog's food, a stack of cloth diapers, ALL C's crafting supplies, and most of my seasonal decor house themselves in this average sized laundry room. It needs a huge cleaning.

I did start this task today, but I only accomplished clearing off one small area. I'm happy with it for now - maybe I will attempt another small area tomorrow.

The laundry piled up in different sections of my house is driving me crazy too. I love to do laundry but I've always hated putting it away. Now that our house has two floors, I hate it even more. How am I ever supposed to get caught up once the baby comes?

I feel like I should be doing better at these tasks. Like I shouldn't be resting on the couch when D takes his nap. I SHOULD be using that time for productivity. Its just that by 1pm, I am nearly exhausted already. I need to rest. I tell myself that once the baby comes, I don't think I'll be getting any naps or rest time anytime soon. So, is it right to rest on the couch now when I could be cleaning out that goofy closet? Please tell me that it is...

Okay, back to the title of this post - keeping up with my husband. I feel like as B trots around the globe, I should be able to keep up with the tasks in our 1800 square feet. Maybe its not fair to compare my daily life with his, but really, how does my day stack up when I am fretting about laundry, a shoe closest, and running out of toilet paper when he is out experiencing things like these?
I do need to point out that in this picture, B is standing on a frozen sea....this will make the irony of the next picture pretty funny.
(I probably shouldn't disclose the location of where he was or exactly what he was doing, but if you follow the recent activities of our executive branch of government, you'd be able to find out.)

My days hardly compare to the awesomeness of B's recent days. I hope he can overlook the craziness of our home and find the beauty in the everyday things right here at home too. Sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't. It creeps up when I least expect it and then dashes away just as quickly, haha.
I am just thankful for the amazing souvenirs he brought back for me and the kids. After being gone for a while, I am sure B is just glad to be home - even with the messy shoe closet and exploding laundry room. I know we are thrilled to have him!

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