Friday, December 4, 2009

The blessings just keep on coming our way :-)

What a great blog title, right? Pretty much says it all. I feel so blessed today that I can barely stand it! First, B emailed the lady in charge of this "job issue" he's been working on up in the Washington DC area, and she actually emailed him right back...and said his packet has been submitted for a second opinion and everything is looking good so far. So, great news! Maybe they will review it, say yes, and give him the needed security clearance!

Then my in-laws came to help me this weekend with my kids and to come watch C's ballet recital tomorrow. We had the rehearsal tonight and I'll tell you about that in a minute, but first, I must tell you about what Operation Homefront did for our family today. They teamed up with WalMart to donate toys to 10,000 children of deployed soldiers. We had to meet a certain rank requirement and the kids had to be in the right age range, but after I applied, I found out that we got accepted into the program! So, today my in-laws watched the kids and I got to go to the National Guard Armory in town and choose 3 gifts for each of my kids. They had it all set up where the toys were arranged by age group and an "elf" went with me to show me what I could choose and where everything was. I was able to get C several Dora toys and a doctor Barbie. D got a Little People 50th Anniversary Commemorative Farm (the one with the little tin carrying case!), a cute little Tee Ball baseball thing where the ball never flies off, and another cute ball popper toy. Both kids received Dr. Suess books and we got a copy of The Hungry Caterpillar as well. I can't tell you how thrilled I am about these gifts for my kids. It is one of the biggest blessings to not have to purchase all their Christmas items yet still know that they are going to have a wonderful christmas. Thank you so much WalMart and Operation Homefront! I know they did it to "help out" military families who were without a soldier home for the holidays, but to me, God used them to help me provide the best Christmas possible for my kiddos. Praise Him!

Lastly, C's ballet recital dress rehearsal was the cutest thing ever! Just the sight of about 100+ little girls in cute little recital costumes made the whole night worthwhile and then to be able to sit back and watch these little cuties up there dancing (or not) to christmas tunes was even better! My little C did so well! She wasn't scared at all and just danced her little heart out to "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas." She spun, and jumped, stomped, and waved her arms just as she should. She waved to me in the beginning and then took a bow when it was over :-) Of course she watched the teacher in the corner most of time...except for when she was watching her shadow behind her on the backdrop. She just did so well. I am so proud of her! The "real thing" is tomorrow morning. I am going to video it to send to B! Yay!

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