Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wobbly First Steps

If you have spent any time with my 14 month old son, D, you would know that he is a super fast crawler that refuses to walk. He has been able to stand briefly without holding on to anything, but he would quickly fall to the ground to crawl when he needed to move. In fact, when we tried to get him to stand purposefully, he would bend his legs and immediately fall. He did not want to stand and he certainly did not want to walk. I referred to him as having "jelly legs."

All that was true...until this evening! He is now walking! I think it was because of a combination of external factors. His loving (read that as "in his face and won't ever leave him alone") sister is at her very first sleepover with her cousins, so the house is much quieter. Naturally, this made D the center of attention. He was in such a good mood this evening because my mom, dad, and myself were all playing with him and making him laugh. I even got the video camera out because he was being so silly.

My mom and I took the opportunity to try and encourage him to take some steps. After all, he is 14 months old! Up until tonight he wouldn't even budge when left standing for a second. But in his giddy mood, he fell for our tricks, and before we knew it he took a step...then two....then 6! By the end of our little playtime, he had taken 8 steps and was "walking" with confidence. His little wobbly legs taking steps with caution and lack of precision was so entertaining. Sometimes he kept his legs straight and sometimes he experimented with bending his knees. He got so excited while he was doing it that he was smiling and laughing the whole time. What a beautiful moment for my mom and dad to witness with me. And...I got it all on video for B :-)

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