Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Melting Moments

Much of motherhood is stressful. This I know is true. :-) Yet there are times in my day when everything else kind of disappears and I can just "enjoy" my children. These are the moments that make me melt. It happens everyday....

When I hold my sweet D and give him his nighttime bottle, he relaxes in my arms. Sometimes he holds his bottle with both hands and other tims he uses one and rubs his hair with his other. He closes his eyes just like a newborn does when they nurse. He loves his milk. He loves his snuggle time. We rock and rock until he's done. He hands me the bottle and I set it down at my feet. Then I sit him up to see if he needs to burp. He then tucks his right arm under my left arm and snuggles into the crook of my left elbow. He pops his left thumb in his mouth and nestles in between my arm and my chest. He closes his eyes and I kiss his little hand and forhead. We listen to the waves of his sound machine. It's so sweet. Its the same every night. I know that he may be up multiple times...or that he may sleep soundly all night, but either way, this moment is perfect :-)

Along with the sweet cuddly times, there are the funny ones that make me melt as well. Today he chose not to take a morning nap. He was quiet in his room though. I could hear him talking but not crying, so I left him in there to "rest." When I went in to get him this is what I saw...


"This is where I got it from!"

As for my little girl, we have so many sweet melting moments. This morning when she woke up she came in my room like she always does if I'm not up yet. She crawled in bed with me and I could feel that her little nightgown clad legs were freezing...she must have been uncovered in her room. I laid her head down in the crook of my arm and she snuggled into my body. As she balled up, I could feel her bony knees pressing against my stomach. She closed her eyes and we just snuggled. I kissed her head and then I told her I loved her. She took both her arms and wiggled them around both sides of my neck and kissed me back. She's such a sweetie :-) I never wanted to get up.

Then this afternoon as she played out back all bundled up in her fleece coat, she came back inside and said, "Mama, I need you to kill that bug. It was a bee and I throwed sand at it..." Just made me chuckle that she thought that would be the best way to rid herself of this little pest, haha :-)

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