Monday, January 11, 2010


Lord, thank you for...

102. My new endurance for my own life - eating healthier foods, exercising daily, and being a more intentional and effective mom.

103. The way God answers even the simplest prayers like, "God, please tell me where to look to find C's ballet slippers so we can get there on time," and then instantly He reminds be to look in my husband's car... and next, "Please let them both take a nap this afternoon so I can have a few minutes to rest and enjoy some quiet time," and then they both fall asleep in their beds within 30 minutes. Wow!

104. That Darby is finally pottying quickly when I take her outside. No more standing around getting frustrated because she "won't go."

105. The encouragement I am getting from my mom and husband on my new workout regimen and healthy eating. It's so nice to have vocal supporters!

106. Having a great friend up here in NC that can come hang out with me and the kids on a moment's notice. It's so awesome to have a wonderful friend just up the road :-)

107. My neighbor's husband came home early from his 11 month deployment because he got injured while running. He may need surgery, but he is home with her and their new 3 month old (whose birth he missed). Praise God for bringing him home early!

108. New curtains in my dining room that I can't stop staring at. I've been wanting some for about a year now, and I just LOVE what I finally got....all for a whopping $26...should have done it sooner, haha.

109. The cold crisp weather :-) I love the cold!

110. My next door neighbor's baby that is being born today! Welcome to the world sweet girl!

111. My new recipe for chicken salad that uses fat free yogurt instead of mayo. It's amazing! Thank you Lord for this awesome healthy recipe. I can't get enough!

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  1. You're going to have to share that new chicken salad recipe with the world! I love chicken salad, but not the fat from the mayo! MMM...craving it now!