Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Walking Video

This post is mostly for my dear husband who missed our son's first steps. He has now been able to see D walk from a video chat on Skype, but I thought he (and you) might like to see the progression of D's confidence to take his first real steps last week. As I made this video, I couldn't help but tear up a little bit at my sweet boy's innocence. First of all, I can't believe he's old enough to be walking. Secondly, it seems so simplistic that we all start out this way - taking baby steps. Even Jesus did these first awkward steps! Now I am so busy running errands, cleaning, preparing meals, bathing and dressing kids, I forget that the basics are there. Like walking, speaking, praying...all things I learned to do yet now seem to overlook and take for granted.

Lord, thank you for the basics in my life. Not everyone can walk (my dad is nodding as he leans on his walker...he's having hip surgery - he's not THAT old), not everyone can speak, and not everyone knows to pray. Thank you for my son's first steps. They were glorious and monumental in my heart. Little D is on his way to becoming a "big boy." Sure we still have some time. But it will go so very fast...

I didn't do too much fancy editing in this video as I should be doing the dinner dishes and getting ready for bed. I just wanted to get this posted so B can see it as soon as possible :-) Enjoy!

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  1. Randi - I am so proud of David. That video made me cry. I cannot believe how far he has come already. Love you guys so much and miss you like crazy!