Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Stash

Most of you know that I use cloth diapers on my 15 month old son, but for those of you that didn't know that....well, now you do! I blogged a post a long time ago about the different kinds of diapers available and how they work, so I would encourage you to read that if you want to learn about the wonderful world of cloth. Now that I have been using cloth on D's bum for about 10 months, I have definitely figured out what I like and what I don't. I have bought diapers, sold diapers, and come to have a pretty great stash. I thought I'd share with you what I like the most and what works the best for us. If you have a child or grandchild in diapers, you should read this! Cloth diapers are fun, good for the environment, great for baby's bum, adorable, and affordable!

To my husband....please ignore this post. You do NOT need to know how many diapers and covers we own :-)

Top Row (left to right)
1 Good Mama good.night - a fitted diaper designed to hold a ton of pee - lasts us 12+ hours
2 Motherease Sandys fitted diapers - these are my favorite diaper to use at bedtime
5 Motherease One Size fitted diapers - I LOVE these

Middle Row (left to right) None of these require a separate cover!
3 Bum Genius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers - I converted 2 to have snaps instead of velcro
3 Bum Genius One Size organic All-in-One diapers - it doesn't get any easier than this :-)
1 Flip diaper - I have 2 of these (the other was probably on D) and 6 inserts...these are my new favorites!

Bottom Row (left to right)
2 Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitted diapers
1 Piddle Poodle fitted diaper (this is for sale if you want it!)
2 Tiny Tush One size fitted diapers (these are also for sale)
6 Bummis Organic prefolds

The Covers: Covers are needed over anything on the top or bottom row in the diaper picture.
Top Row (left to right)
2 Jam Tots Berry Plush covers - so soft!
2 Sugar Peas fleece covers
4 Fleece Soakers - two made by my awesome friend, one made by a work-at-home mom, and one is a Dancing Bears nighttime fleece cover

Middle Row (left to right)
2 Blueberry one size covers
Grey Sustainablebabyish wool soaker (my very favorite cover!!!)
Black pair of Sustainablebabyish wool shorts (so incredibly cute!)
4 pairs of Woollybottoms wool footies - D wears these for almost every nap and every night to bed. They're awesome! I won two of them on a photo contest :-)

Bottom Row (left to right)
Little Beetle wool pants (these are the ones I won from the facebook contest, yay!)
Winkydinks wool pants
Red and Tan Woollybottoms wool soaker (also won this!)
Baby Beehinds wool wrap style cover

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