Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Little Man

Just wanted to post a few recent pictures of my little man. Since getting my new camera lens, I've been photographing more everyday moments of the kids. Sweet C is typically quite photogenic, so it's easy to get cute pictures of her. But, I thought you may enjoy some moments with little D this time :-) Beware, you may fall in love with him!

Getting out all the cars.
He was spinning the ladder around on this fire truck, haha.
Getting a closer look...
Just a boy and his thumb.
And the other finger helps to hold it in.
With his best friend :-)
He loves to gaze out the window on the storm door.
Always getting stuck under the train table...
Big sister teaching him his letters on her Leap Frog letter writing thing.
We promote early literacy :-)
Mad because the suitcase is zipped shut and he can't get into it and rip out all the clothes.
Maybe biting it will help.
Maybe kneeling on it will help?
Last resort - standing?

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